Mike Lindell’s ‘Election Summit’ Crowd Sure Looks Like It Has A Lot Of Empty Chairs

Mike Lindell’s Election Summit is going as expected. After kicking off the event, which is apparently touting some sort of “Election Crime Bureau” because of course this thing was going to be centered around Donald Trump’s Big Lie, Lindell stumbled immediately out of the gate by accidentally showing a video of his humiliating interview with Jimmy Kimmel. The situation did not improve from there.

Conservative commentator Derrick Evans tweeted a photo from inside the event where he attempted to pump up the obviously sparse number of attendees.

“Great crowd for the Lindell Event in Missouri,” Evans tweeted. “This is one of two rooms with people also in the lobby area where more media is set up.”

Twitter users weren’t buying it. Lindell and Evans got lit up in the replies where the conservative commentator attempted to deflect criticism by saying the summit is an “invite only” event.

You can see some of the reactions below:

Of course, the “Election Summit” was already suspect from the moment Lindell announced the event on Steve Bannon’s podcast, which was a huge red flag right there. Lindell touted an incredible plan that will secure future elections and be so incredible that both parties will love it.

“It’s never been even suggested before, and when you get up on August 18th, you’re gonna wake up and go, ‘This is the greatest thing ever!'” Lindell told Bannon. “I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican, or who you are, you’re gonna have so much hope.”

In reality, the Election Summit turned out to be a gaggle of election fraud pushers loyal to Trump including Rudy Giuliani who was just indicted earlier this week for pushing said election fraud.

(Via Newsweek)