Has Wacky Mike Lindell Been Indicted For Trying To Help Trump Steal The 2020 Election?

On Monday, former president Donald Trump and 18 of his closest allies and advisors were indicted in Georgia for their efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis recited a long list of names as part of the 100-page summons, identifying some of Trump’s most well-known conspirators. Perhaps oddly, MyPillow czar Mike Lindell did not make the cut.

Lindell has been pouring millions into overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election in states like Georgia for the past few years. He’s all but bankrupted his business and faced billion-dollar defamation lawsuits from companies like Dominion Voting Systems for alleging that their machines produced fraudulent votes. He’s hosted symposiums that promised to reveal election tampering (he did not prove anything), ranted on TV about government conspiracies targeting his pal Trump, and sunk so much time into courting MAGA diehards that he’s had to start selling his pillow-making equipment to make ends meet. One would think that after tanking his empire and squandering his infomercial clout, he’d at least have an indictment to show for it. But, while former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, Jenna Ellis, and legal whacko Sydney Powell were named in the document, Lindell escaped the state prosecution’s notice … for now.

Perhaps that’s because so much of Lindell’s “Stop the Steal” efforts happened after the attempt at election tampering by Trump’s team was done. Or maybe Trump recognized the man was just too batsh*t crazy to trust with any tangible details relating to his legal coup. Either way, Lindell is still facing FBI probes for interfering with elections in Colorado and he’s hemorrhaging money thanks to false claims he’s made about having “evidence” of machine tampering. Would it be nice to see Lindell forced to do a perp walk? Sure, but take some comfort in the fact that there’s no one more upset at being left out of Trump’s felonious club than this guy.