Mike Lindell Is Getting Savaged After Making Yet Another Absurd Prediction For When Trump Will Become President Again

Mike Lindell was certain Donald Trump would be reinstated as president on August 13 — until he wasn’t. “When I gave my prediction about August, and that was several months ago, that was an estimate at the time,” the MyPillow founder later explained (after suggesting that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris would resign over his ironclad evidence of election fraud). “But it took so long to get this symposium set up. However long it takes for the Supreme Court to take it up and decide on this, I can’t predict that.” But he can make another bogus Trump reinstatement prediction.

In an interview with the Right Side Broadcasting Network during a “Save America” rally in the COVID hotspot that is Cullman, Alabama over the weekend, Lindell claimed that Trump would be president again by the end of the year. “It has to happen now. It’s Trump 2021. 100 percent Trump 2021! And it’s — this election when it does get pulled down, there were so many down-tickets effected. Maybe the Supreme Court and that they just do a whole new election, which is fine,” he rambled (via Salon). “But remember everybody, we have to melt down the machines to make prison bars out of them!”

Trump praised Lindell during his speech at the rally, calling him “a patriot, a wonderful man, a man who puts his guts into everything. A man that they don’t treat properly. He’s smart; he loves his country so much. He’s willing to die for this country.” At the very least, he’s willing to get “aggressively poked” for this country. And mocked:





(Via Salon)