Mike Lindell’s Prediction For How Trump Will Become President Again Is So Nonsensical That ‘President Pelosi’ Started Trending

Mike Lindell has made another bold prediction. And unlike his last bold prediction, he’s serious this time.

The pillow man with the bad hair previously claimed that his good buddy Donald Trump would regain the presidency on August 13, around the time of his cyber symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that he says will be more popular than Elvis Presley’s famous “Aloha From Hawaii” concert. “Over a billion people watched that ‘Aloha From Hawaii’ because at that time, it was epic. This is going to be so important for the whole world to see — I’m hoping the word keeps spreading so that everybody at least tunes in,” Lindell told Salon. He’s so confident in the influence of his cyber symposium that by this time next month, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will have resigned, because… reasons?

“It gives me hope that even your Democrats… they’re seeing now firsthand what government can do and how bad socialism and communism can be. When we get through this and the Supreme Court pulls down this election — like I’ve been telling everybody — when they do this, it’s going to be a great uniting and that gives me hope,” Lindell told Steve Bannon on Real America’s Voice. He continued:

“Once we have this symposium, how are the pathways of Donald Trump coming back? The first one would be, once we have the symposium, by the night of the 12th or the morning of the 13th, if everyone has seen it, including the administration that’s in there now that didn’t win, maybe, you know, Biden and Harris would say, ‘Hey, we’re here to protect the country and resign!'”

That’s a solid Joe Biden impression.

Anyway, let’s say Biden and Harris do say “hey, we’re here to protect the country and resign” on the morning of the 13th — that’s a The Rock’s legs-sized “let’s say,” but follow me here — Lindell seems to think that Trump would become president again.

That is not how the line of succession works. It goes president, then vice president, then speaker of the house, which in this case would mean President Pelosi. I’m sure that would go over well with the MAGA-heads. It does not go president, then vice president, then former president. In the line of succession, Trump falls somewhere between the White House chef and Cousin Greg. To be fair, there’s not not a chance!

Lindell’s claim had the unintended consequence of making President Pelosi trend:




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