The Super Creepy ‘The Watcher’ Dominated October’s Streaming Charts

People love The Watcher. It scratches the true crime itch, the Ryan Murphy weirdo itch, and the LOST confusion itch all at the same time, and it turns out it was the perfect show for our uneasy October. According to Deadline, the Netflix mystery series starring Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Jennifer Coolidge and Mia Farrow scored huge on the streaming ratings with Nielsen-confirmed 2.355 billion minutes of viewing. That’s wild! Not only was it enough to make it the #1 streaming show during the week of October 10th to 16th. It was also the second big hit for Murphy, who was fresh off the controversial/addicting Dahmer, which earned both massive popularity and backlash for its depiction of the serial killer’s violence against his victims.

It also stayed on streaming charts that week, clocking in at third place with 1.108 billion minutes of viewing.

Representing the blockbuster fantasy genre, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power hit the number two spot with 1.137 billion minutes, bookended by the lo-fi thrillers that cost a fraction of the glossy epic. HBO Max’s House of the Dragon was in a similar position, hitting the fourth spot with 960 million minutes, mostly for Matt Smith’s flowing white locks. Appropriate for October, Halloween Ends was the lone movie on the top of the charts, landing in 8th place with 717 million minutes (in addition to its theatrical box office).

(via Deadline)