Rudy Giuliani May Be The Target Of A Criminal Probe, But He Made Time To Party In Times Square Like A Tourist

If you were a 78-year old man who had spent half his life taking on America’s most ruthless criminals — most notably, New York City’s five families — then leading the world through the rebuilding of Manhattan in the aftermath of 9/11, you’d probably deserve to let loose every so often and live out your golden years as a true American hero. Unless, in addition to those things, you also helped in attempting to violently overthrow democracy as we know it (to say nothing of marrying your cousin). Unfortunately for Rudy Giuliani, he’s in the latter group — of which he is currently the sole member.

While Rudy is currently the target of a criminal election fraud probe in Georgia, where he was recently brought kicking and screaming to testify about the part he played in Donald Trump’s scheme to baselessly overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election just because Trump didn’t like the results (spoiler alert: he lost), that didn’t stop Rudy from living it up in Times Square over the weekend. Or, as Page Six put it, “Rudy Giuliani hit da club for a birthday party.”

Giuliani was spotted at Haswell Green’s, a Broadway cocktail bar and live music venue known for its weekend drag brunches, for a birthday party for podcaster Lauren Conlin. According to a source, Page Six reported that Giuliani was with Dr. Maria Ryan, his rumored girlfriend — and alleged former mistress.

Perhaps even more surprising than Rudy being a welcome guest, well, anywhere, is that people seemed downright delighted to see him! As Page Six wrote:

“People were actually excited about him,” says a gobsmacked onlooker. “It was a little jarring. There was kind of a commotion when he arrived and then once someone asked him for a picture, a whole load of people wanted a picture. I think it probably felt like the old days for him.”

Another source tells us that someone even told him he should run for office again.

Onlookers also reported that Rudy was even seen dancing.

(Via Page Six)