Rudy Giuliani Would Like You To Know That Things With Trump Are FINE And Oh By The Way He’s The Target Of A Criminal Election Fraud Probe In Georgia

As the situation around Donald Trump‘s alleged mishandling of top secret documents continues to escalate, Rudy Giuliani insists that the former president is doing just fine. Couldn’t be better! During a recent appearance on Newsmax, Giuliani once again trotted out the line that Trump isn’t worried about the raid because people immediately showed up outside of Mar-a-Lago to defend him. The crowd size grew over the weekend following reports that Trump is under investigation for violating the Espionage Act, which revealed the serious nature of the FBI search.

Via Insider:

Giuliani, a former New York mayor and longtime Trump ally, told Newsmax that Trump said the raid is “going to help me.”

“You see the number of people in front of Mar-a-Lago already? This is gonna turn around, American people have common sense, they’ve gone too far now,” Giuliani recalled Trump telling him.

However, Giuliani should probably be more concerned with what’s happening to Rudy Giuliani. On Monday, news broke that prosecutors have targeted the former president’s attorney in the going investigation into alleged election meddling in Georgia. Giuliani, Trump, and several of his inner circle, including Lindsey Graham, are accused of violating the law while allegedly attempting to coerce Georgia officials to “find votes” that would flip the state to Trump during the presidential election against Joe Biden.

According to CNN, Georgia prosecutors called Giuliani’s legal team on Monday and informed them that America’s Mayor is now a target of the investigation. And to be clear, the Georgia situation is also another legal landmine for Trump on top of the whole FBI raid. But, hey, he’s doing fine!

(Via Insider, CNN)