Marjorie Taylor Greene Told Steve Bannon That She Doesn’t ‘Want Anything To Do With Politics’ (Promise?)

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been a repeat guest on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast, which has yielded a side-eye during particularly egregious MTG lies, but for the most part, he appears to be co-signing her. In fact, these two vibe a little two well, given that Bannon’s prone to exaggerations as well, like wanting to bring “fire and brimstone” to the 2024 election. These days, Bannon’s still refusing to comply with a subpoena for the House Jan. 6 committee, and he’s still here for chaos. As for Marj, though? She’s claiming to be over it.

As Greene told Bannon (via Raw Story), she’s grown disillusioned by recently observing some members of her own party helping to pass Biden’s Build Back Better bill. She says that she’s realized, “It’s not the Democrats that are screwing you, it’s our own party.” She complained about being disappointed after the Tea Party didn’t take the world by storm, and “things… were supposed to be better,” but she believes that the GOP “failed” its voters. After saying that this failure was her inspiration for seeking office, she then made another declaration:

“I don’t want to have anything to do with politics. I don’t like it one bit, and I can’t stand what I see happening.”

Well then. Naturally, she can’t be serious about wanting out of politics, and she’s probably still miffed about being stripped of all her committee assignments. Yet if Greene decides that she’s out, will anyone argue with her? She hasn’t accomplished anything besides whittling away much of her paycheck to pay for fines because she refuses to wear a mask as required on the House floor. (You can watch Greene’s “over it” comments around the 3:00 minute mark in the above video.)

(Via Raw Story)