Ted Cruz Is Raving About The ‘Cool’ Fart Noises Made By Teslas. Which Only Adds To His Love For Elon Musk

Whoopi Goldberg might not be thrilled with her Tesla this week (a missing safety feature will do that), but Ted Cruz is singing another song. Specifically, he’s praising the song of flatulence, which is one way to temporarily drown out the Cancun jokes that won’t stop until the end of time.

Ted got onto this strange fart-tangent while discussing Elon Musk’s new stake in Twitter, which many people hope will yield an “edit” button, and thank goodness if that happens. However, far-right lawmakers like Lauren Boebert see this as a free-speech victory (even though Twitter is still a private company and can ban however they please) and a vindication of the “take back what is ours” mentality, and Ted feels that way too. But he’s equally excited about fart noises. Here’s what he said on his podcast, The Verdict With Ted Cruz, while bantering with co-host Michael Knowles.

“Look, I am so happy about it, I may go out and buy a damn Tesla,” Ted declared. He then forged into fart-talk:

“You know why the girls love the Tesla? Because the central computer makes fart noises in each of the seats. And for an 11 year old and a 13 year old, that is the coolest feature. And I gotta admit, as a 51 year old, that’s a pretty cool feature, although I probably shouldn’t admit that publicly.”

Sure, let’s watch this in video format:

There’s not much more that can be added to this information besides, damn, it would be awful to go on a road trip with Ted Cruz while he’s giggling about fart noises. That’s even more reason for him to book that flight to Cancun.