Trump Is Raging At Fox News For Running An Ad By The Lincoln Project ‘Perverts’ Taunting The Former President About Who May Be Snitching On Him

Donald Trump is probably experiencing a wide range of emotions at the moment: fear, paranoia, embarrassment, guilt, an overwhelming sense of dread that he’ll soon be trading his Mar-a-Lago palace for a cot behind bars. But last night it was rage that he was focused on.

After the FBI raided his palatial golf resort — apparently looking for classified documents about our nuclear weapons program that definitely weren’t supposed to be sitting in cardboard boxes down in Florida — Fox News ran a commercial made by The Lincoln Project that left Trump fuming. Rupert Murdoch’s media darling has been quietly distancing itself from their former right-wing golden boy for the past few months (though that took a dramatic turn this week), but Trump clearly still felt betrayed by his buddies there for hosting an ad created by the same group of Republican strategists who broke with their party after the 2016 election and spent most of Trump’s reign throwing public digs at the president and his cronies.

“Why does Fox put them on?” Trump raged on his Truth Social channel. “The perverts of the Lincoln Project were ‘run out of town’ after it was learned that they did some really ‘bad stuff.’ Perversion anyone? Now they have re-emerged with a different but similar name. Keep these sickos off television!”

Above is the ad that sent Trump into such a tantrum, and just a warning, it’s both hilarious and kind of weird.

(Via RawStory)