Infowars Host Owen Shroyer Can’t Believe How Much Fox News Is Now ‘More Like Infowars Than Ever Before’

Getting complimented on a job well done is typically something that should make one feel good — unless the praise in question is coming from Infowars. The nearly 25-year-old far right news website, which offers up wild conspiracy theories as easily as some news broadcasts share the time or weather, is struggling at the moment, ever since founder Alex Jones was found guilty (again) of defaming some of the parents of the 20 children who were violently murdered by a gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut nearly 10 years ago. Jones is now being asked to cough up as much as $150 million in compensation (with two more trials on the way), so has put Infowars into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, as The New York Times reported.

But if Infowars goes the way of the dodo bird, loyal viewers can always switch over to Fox News — a network that Owen Shroyer, host of Infowars’ The War Room With Owen Shroyer, feels is practically indistinguishable from his nutty network these days, according to Media Matters. And largely because of Tucker Carlson’s “gumption.”

While even Shroyer admitted that Brian Kilmeade, who’s sitting in for Carlson this week, “is a bit of an establishment hack” (ouch!), he believes that Tucker is the real deal “for making sure the truth gets told even though you know some of the big sponsors, corporate ad buyers, and top execs at Fox probably don’t like [it].” As he further explained:

If you’ve been tuning into the War Room, I said Fox News at night sounds more like Infowars this week than ever before. Than ever before. So that’s kind of the time period we’re in now. We’re in the Infowars paradigm of understanding current events, politics, more so than ever before, and it was the raid of Mar-a-Lago, really, that pushed the Overton window that far, and so I see that as a great victory. I see that as the reinforcements arriving. I see that as the truth finally rising to the top despite the attempts to chill free speech, censor free speech, bully, intimidate, and terrorize people from speaking the truth. It all comes from the American left in our modern political parlance, but it was Infowars that was groundbreaking. It is Infowars that’s been set for destruction.

Shroyer, as The Wrap reports, was part of the group of hooligans who stormed the Capitol on January 6th. He was charged for his part in the coup in August 2021, but later told authorities that the charges against him should be dropped because he’s like “Jesus or the Dalai Lama.”

If ever there was a sign that the top brass at Fox News may want to rethink their “news” model, this would be it. You can watch Shroyer’s full diatribe above.

(Via Media Matters)