Trevor Noah Is In Shock That Noted Pleading The Fifth Critic Donald Trump ‘Bitched Out’ And Pleaded The Fifth

On Wednesday, Donald Trump was in New York City to square off against Attorney General Letitia James and her office’s ongoing civil investigation into his allegedly shady business dealings. But rather than help to shed light on a situation that the former president has written off as yet another witch hunt, he instead decided to plead the fifth — again and again and again. This hardly came as a shock to Trevor Noah, though The Daily Show host did playfully feign surprise.

For anyone who is confused about which crime Trump was in Manhattan to answer for (nope, it’s not the same one that had the FBI raiding his Florida home earlier this week or the ones the January 6th committee is investigating), Noah broke it down:

Apparently, when [Trump] was trying to get loans from the bank, he was all like, ‘I’m balling out of control.’ But then, when he was reporting his taxes to the IRS, suddenly he was like, ‘Hey, I ain’t got no money, sir.’

And as part of this investigation, the New York Attorney General has already questioned Trump’s beloved children — and also Eric. But today was The Donald’s turn to go under oath, and I’ll give credit to the man. You know, he could’ve bitched out. But no, he stood tall and he walked into that interrogation room — and then bitched out.

The irony of the story, of course, is that Trump has repeatedly talked about how only criminals plead the fifth — when it related to Hillary Clinton or he wasn’t the one being questioned. What Noah also finds so shocking is that Trump, who has an opinion on pretty much everything, actually chose to shut his mouth.

“Trump decided not to talk? Now we know something shady is going on right?,” Noah opined. “‘Cause when has Donald Trump ever refused to talk? We can’t get the man to stop talking! Donald Trump not talking is like Taylor Swift taking the bus. That’s not a thing!”

You can watch the full clip above.