Rudy Giuliani Reportedly Once Took A Dump On Trump’s Plane So Foul-Smelling That It Prompted Trump To Lash Out At Him: ‘Rudy! That’s F*cking Disgusting’

Rudy Giuliani torched his career and possibly whatever money he has left for Donald Trump, but at least the former president treated him with respect. Or maybe not. Trump hasn’t done much to help his personal attorney, refusing to save him from a potential financial apocalypse. What’s more, he wasn’t above making fun of him in front of others, even at one point reportedly making sure everyone noticed that his s*it literally stinks.

As per The Daily Beast, there’s yet another damning/embarrassing detail from Maggie Haberman’s dirtfilled tell-all Confidence Man, this one reaching back to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. The Access Hollywood tape had just been made public — the one that was supposed to put the kibosh on Trump’s political aspirations but, alas, did not. Giuliani had been among those tapped with playing defense on the Sunday talk shows.

But while aboard one of Trump’s planes, Giuliani got a taste of the humiliation that would greatly amplify in 2020. He’d used the bathroom and apparently left quite a funk in the air. With aides and whoever else around, Trump loudly complained about the pungent odor, yelling, “Rudy! That’s f*cking disgusting!”

Trump has never been one for pleasantries, and those who’ve defected from his orbit have said he says a lot worse in private. But perhaps he was steeling Giuliani for the horror that lay in wait during his re-election campaign four years later, when he would have to weather blundered pressers, wine lady witnesses, mystery goo, and, eventually, The Masked Singer. It almost makes you feel bad for the guy. Almost.

(Via The Daily Beast)