Trump Liked To Make Fun Of ‘Skinny’ Jared Kushner Behind His Back, Even Making ‘Deliverance’ Jokes About Him Going Camping

There’s yet another Trump tell-all coming out, this one from the reporter he dubbed his “psychiatrist.” It’s called Confidence Man, from The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, and excerpts have revealed some good and strange dirt, from him refusing to use the same toilet as his predecessor, Barack Obama to his staffers pettily breaking a White House air conditioner. Haberman also claims he wanted to fire his own oldest daughter and her husband, which he’s denied. Speaking of Ivanka and Jared, the latter is the focus of another excerpt, which alleges that Trump routinely belittled his back.

As per The Guardian, at one point during the former president’s failed 2020 campaign, Trump regaled aides about Kushner’s idea to go camping, which he found short-sighted. “Ivanka wants to rent one of those big RVs,” he told them. “This skinny guy wants to do it. Can you imagine Jared and his skinny ass camping? It’d be like something out of Deliverance.” He then pretended to play the classic banjo theme from the film, in which backwoods men rape a guy from the city during a camping trip.

It wasn’t the only time Trump was observed mocking his son-in-law. In the early days of his one-term presidency, he belittled Kushner’s voice. “He sounds like a child,” he said after Jared appeared before a congressional committee.

Trump also dragged Kushner’s Jewish faith. After Kushner took a day off to observe a religious holiday, Trump groused, “‘F*cking Shabbat,” then wondered aloud if he’s really religious of if he was just trying to get out of work.

Kushner has plenty of time to get over these remarks. After all, he thinks he’s going to live forever.

(Via The Guardian)