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#John Oliver

Watch John Oliver Go On An ‘Epic’ F*ck Piñatas ‘Takedown’ So The Internet Has Something To Write About

By | 4 Comments

Come for the internet self-awareness, stay for the much-deserved Caliou jokes (the piñata jokes aren't bad either).


The Female Answer To The Hot/Crazy Matrix Guide To Women Is Here, And It’s Hilarious

By | 22 Comments

Highlights include the supplemental money draft, "Fun Zone" descriptions, and "Any guy who reads Elite Daily."


‘Archer’s Amber Nash Is Holding A ‘Say Pam Poovey Quotes To Unaware Strangers’ Contest On Twitter

By | 9 Comments

Tell a stranger to shut their dick holster and you could win Amber Nash's 'Archer' swag.

#Jimmy Fallon

Jason Statham Destroys Jimmy Fallon In A Hamster Ball Race Because Jason Statham Was Born To Hamster Ball


There's no separating Jason Statham action star and Jason Statham real-life person.

Phoenix Jones

Here’s Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Getting Tasered For ALS Awareness

By | 2 Comments

When you're a real-life superhero you do things for the greater good but with an added element of DANGER, no matter how nonsensical.

#Robin Williams

Robin Williams’ Wife Reveals He Was Suffering From The Early Stages Of Parkinson’s Disease

By | 18 Comments

Robin Williams' wife Susan Schneider released this statement to the press today.


Behold, Every Episode Of ‘House’ Summed Up With A Single GIF

By | 24 Comments

What we already knew is now even more painfully, hilariously obvious.


‘Dear Douchebag Bike Thief’ Notes Are How All Bike Thefts Should Be Handled

By | 22 Comments

Bike theft sucks, but not being able to communicate with the thief what a crap person they are is one of the suckiest parts of all.

#Robin Williams

Robin Williams’ Last Online Message Was This Touching Happy Birthday Wish To His Daughter

By | 10 Comments

A touching -- and now heartbreaking -- 25th happy birthday wish to his daughter Zelda Rae.

#Stephen Colbert

Sean Hannity Responded To Stephen Colbert’s ‘Literally’ Jokes With A Bad Zinger And A ‘Reality’ Challenge

By | 16 Comments

Sean Hannity shockingly took a blowhard stance in response to Colbert's wonderful segment about "Apparently" kid.

#The Walking Dead

Watch The Uncensored Ending To ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 And Pretend That Other Ending Never Happened

By | 31 Comments

Let's all pretend Rick going full badass is what actually aired so we can get excited for season five. Deal?

#Viral Videos

This Insane Jet Ski Collision Footage Is Probably Fake, But Still Pretty Insane Nonetheless

By | 5 Comments

All I really know is that one jet ski jumps really high off the other jet ski.

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