Jon Stewart Responded To Arby’s Job Offer To Open His First ‘Daily Show’ After Announcing His Retirement

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02.12.15 10 Comments

Jon Stewart began his first Daily Show after announcing his retirement with a simple question for his audience: “Did I die?”

Thanks to all the tweets and the speculation and the commemorations on the internet, one can see how he was left with the feeling, especially because he made it clear that he won’t actually be leaving the show for many months. So, what’s the best way to transition from all that chatter? By taking aim at your long-time running gag foe, Arby’s, for getting in on the fun.

Stewart’s response in the clip above: “That’s right, Arby’s. This motherf*cking thing ain’t over! I do not accept your peace offering.”

Now that’s how you make a fun segue and don’t dwell on your own departure. You escalate things with Arby’s.

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