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“He gave my beloved Knicks a double-nickel”

By 04.13.09
Dwyane Wade (photo. Chad Griffith)

Dwyane Wade (photo. Chad Griffith)

Trying to follow D’Antoni Logic will give you a headache. Remember Kobe‘s 61-point game, when Coach D waited until Kobe had about 57 on the board before he finally decided to bring a double-team? Last night was the same thing. Dwyane Wade dropped 50 on the Knicks through three quarters, and it literally wasn’t until he’d hit 55 in the fourth — one shy of Glen Rice‘s Miami franchise record — and the Heat were up double-digits that D’Antoni started having his guys double D-Wade. Maybe D’Antoni is just an old-school guy who wants to see players like Rice and Bernard King keep their records, but if that’s the case, he might wanna start guarding the Kobes and Wades before they’re on the verge of history … At least the double-teams worked. Wade finished stuck on 55 points (19-30 FG, 11-13 FT) and a career-high six threes … Two minutes into the third, Wade cracked the 30-point plateau on a play that showed what kind of defense the Knicks were playing on him most of the night. Wade caught the ball in the corner, nobody within 10 feet of him, and had time to catch, think about it, set his feet, pump-fake, think about it some more, put on a Band-Aid, smack Gabrielle Union on the ass, then bury a three. On the play before that, Wade jumped almost clear over Jamaal Magloire‘s back for a sick follow dunk; Magloire’s reaction was that of a man who’s had somebody jump over his back before … Have you ever seen the Heat play-by-play guy’s wife? She is FINE. We thought they were showing one of the players’ wives before dude was like, “Hey, there’s my wife!” … Lost in all the D-Wade hype was the fact that Michael Beasley had his best game as a pro (28 pts, 16 boards). As of late Beasley has been putting up those K-State numbers, averaging 25 and 12 over his last three games. You can see his maturity since the beginning of the year; he’s going to the rack harder and finishing stronger, and has more confidence in his jumper … Some bad news for the Heat, though, as Jermaine O’Neal hurt his leg in the first half and didn’t come out for the second. Joel Anthony was aiight filling in, but Miami needs J.O. healthy for the playoffs … How hard was it to watch the Cavs kick the crap out of the Celtics yesterday and not make Cleveland the odds-on favorite to win the championship this June? Two wins away from matching the ’86 Celtics home record of 40-1, the Cavs smashed Boston, going up 10 midway through the first quarter, going up 20 late in the first, and leading by as much as 30 in a start-to-finish piecing. After Joe Smith‘s dunk made it 31-9 at the end of the first, the Cavs bench exploded; Mo Williams was acting like Redd Foxx coming to join Elizabeth, while Wally Szczerbiak kind of kept his distance and laughed like an amused old man watching his grandkids act a fool … How bad was it? If you check the box scores on Yahoo!, you kow how they’ll spotlight one player from each team who had the best stat line. While LeBron was the guy for Cleveland with 29 points and seven assists (sitting out the fourth quarter), Boston’s entry was Kendrick Perkins, who had eight points and six boards … Anderson Varejao and Ray Allen got tangled up one time, and AV tossed Ray to the floor. On his way up, Ray elbowed AV square in the balls. We don’t care how frustrated you are, or how annoying Varejao is, that’s never cool under any circumstances … Even with the MVP vote right around the corner, Kobe took it easy on the Grizzlies. He took just nine shots and scored 16 points in a Lakers win that had a definite preseason vibe. Andrew Bynum put up 18 points in 25 minutes, which L.A. fans should love, but they were playing a team that’s given up on life … As usual, Chris Paul destroyed the Mavs, putting up 31 points, nine boards and 17 dimes with just one turnover. Despite the Mavs trying to trap him, CP couldn’t be stopped in the second half, when he scored 20. If he wasn’t scoring with floaters in the paint or getting to the line, he was finding open guys under the hoop … On the other end, Byron Scott went small in the fourth quarter, putting David West (31 pts) at center and having James Posey guard Dirk (29 pts, 14 rebs) at the four. Posey held Dirk to just four points in the quarter … Chris Bosh posted 22 points and eight boards in a win over Philly, while Andre Iguodala avoided the Ugly Triple-Double with 21 points, eight dimes and 10 turnovers. The Sixers loss and Miami’s win ensured the Heat the 5th seed in the East … Drama in Sacramento: Spurs/Kings was tied up with about three seconds left and the shot clock running down on San Antonio. Tony Parker (25 pts, 9 asts) passed to a wide-open Mike Finley on the wing, who clearly still had the ball in his hand when the shot clock hit zero. Like, it wasn’t even close. But the refs didn’t whistle it, the shot went down, and San Antonio got the W. Apparently one of the few things you can’t review on video is shot-clock violations, so the Kings couldn’t challenge it. If this game didn’t involve the Kings, it definitely would be a bigger deal this morning … This late in the season, rookies don’t feel like rookies anymore. Case in point: In the second half, Jason Thompson was guarding Parker on a switch when Parker made his move and Thompson bumped into Beno Udrih (who was the reason Thompson was guarding Parker in the first place). That allowed Parker to score, and Thompson didn’t even try to hide his eye-roll and sigh at his veteran teammate. Open frustration with Beno Udrih? Welcome to the League, rookie. Gary Payton can understand where you’re coming from … We’re out like D’Antoni Logic …

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