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Another Vegas explosion, and Paul Millsap is staying in Utah

By 07.17.09
Anthony Morrow (photo. SF Chronicle)

Anthony Morrow (photo. SF Chronicle)

Whatever you hear coming out of Las Vegas today, don’t believe Anthony Morrow if he says he wasn’t gunning to break teammate Anthony Randolph‘s summer-league scoring record. A couple days after Randolph dropped 42 points in a game for the Warriors, Morrow went Desperado on the Hornets — in a game Randolph was sitting out — sniping them for 47 points (18-26 FG, 7-9 3PA) to take his spot in the record books. (Not that they keep an actual book of VSL records; it’s probably scribbled on the back of a racing form.) Morrow had zero assists … And it’s nice to know Nellie will reward Morrow by benching him for two straight weeks once the season starts in favor of Rob Kurz … Thursday’s big matchup pitted Blake Griffin versus Hasheem Thabeet. Since no one cares who won the game, all you need to know is Blake dominated the box score. He put up 18 points (8-20 FG), 15 boards and five dimes, while Thabeet turned in seven points, three rebounds and seven fouls. Blake threw down a crazy lefty tip dunk where he soared over two Grizzlies’ heads, finished a few alley-oops with power and pinned one guy on the glass, but he still has yet to make a facial expression … Is it bad news for Thabeet or good news for Hamed Haddadi that they don’t seem that far apart in terms of ability right now? … DeMar DeRozan had 20 points and Smush Parker chipped in 14 to lead the Raptors past the Bucks. Brandon Jennings put up 13 points, seven dimes and eight turnovers — yes, BJ was arguably outplayed by Smush — and Jodie Meeks dropped 29 points (12-23 FG) for Milwaukee. Whether he cracks the Bucks’ NBA roster or he’s trying to order pizza in Turkish next season, Meeks was built to get buckets somewhere on Earth … And speaking of, at this point we’re almost convinced Chase Budinger is a robot. We told you about his torrid shooting pace so far; yesterday Budinger went 7-9 from the field, 8-8 at the line, and hit all three of his three-pointers for 25 points against the Lakers. Joey Dorsey continued to put up his own beast numbers, pulling down 20 rebounds (seven offensive) to go with 11 points, five dimes and two blocks. If Budinger is one of the Autobots, Dorsey is playing like a descendant of the Uruk-hai … Can we all agree to refer to L.A. rookie Chinemelu Elonu as ‘Melu from here on out? … Tarence Kinsey had a stat line that would’ve made Kevin Martin proud: 20 points on TWO field goals. Kinsey went 16-18 at the free throw line and 2-5 from the field in a game where the Cavs only allowed one Dallas player into double-figures — and that guy (Andre Brown) only scored 10 points … George Hill and DeJuan Blair scored 20 apiece to lead the Spurs over the Thunder. Hill added nine assists and three steals. James Harden sat out the game for OKC …

Paul Millsap

Paul Millsap

It was another slow NBA news day in what should be a string of them. The biggest story came out of Utah, where the Jazz decided to match Portland’s offer sheet (5 yrs, $32 million) for Paul Millsap. The other day we wondered why Allen Iverson is getting lower offers than Marcin Gortat on the market, but at least in that case you could argue in favor of Gortat’s youth, position, and the fact that he doesn’t have a bad reputation. But Marcin getting more money than Millsap? Somebody explain that one … So now the next question is, Where does this leave Carlos Boozer? A trade still seems inevitable. Our best guess says Booz ends up in Chicago … But don’t count out Miami. In the recent tradition of constantly scouring Twitter for news, the NBA rumor mill is abuzz after D-Wade dropped a simple, “I got good news coming, stay tuned” on his page last night. Boozer trade? Lamar Odom signing? The light bulb over Jamario Moon‘s head finally lit up? Maybe Flash just wants to brag about hooking up with another five-star dimepiece … We know Team USA doesn’t have anything substantial to do this summer, but dudes are still dropping out of next week’s training camp like flies. Brandon Roy, Andrew Bynum, David Lee and David West are expected to skip the camp in Vegas, and Big Baby Davis just confirmed he won’t be there. Big Baby and Lee have good enough reasons — as free agents, they don’t want to risk getting hurt. Do you think Bynum will claim fatigue? After all, playing 15 minutes a night in the playoffs can take a lot out of you. Seriously, though, doesn’t AB need all the work he can get against NBA comp? … And speaking of questionable commitment to the game, Spencer Hawes is blowing off Sacramento’s summer league run because he had a family wedding and a basketball camp he was scheduled to attend this week. “It’s kind of more of a suggestion-type thing rather than a requirement,” Hawes told a local paper in Washington. Yeah, that’s if you’re not Julian Wright. Kings’ GM Geoff Petrie said he isn’t exactly thrilled with Hawes’ decision … On NBA TV they’ve been randomly showing some of the teams’ local commercials urging fans to buy season tickets. Yesterday we saw the Wizards‘ ad, which is an Antawn Jamison PSA where he’s basically saying, “We know we were embarrassingly bad. We’re sorry. But you guys were great. Please come back.” … E-mail from Dime’s Andrew Katz after work: “Just saw Big Z walking down West Broadway looking like he’s in really good shape — not.” … We’re out like Spencer …


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