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Must-win Game 3 for Orlando; Chris Bosh wants to play for…

By 05.22.10

One of two things will happen when the Celtics and Magic face off in Boston tonight (8:30 p.m. EST, ESPN): Kevin Garnett and his guys will deliver a staggering blow to Orlando’s season to set up the inevitable TKO, or Dwight Howard and his guys will show their championship heart for the first time in these playoffs and make the conference finals interesting again … All the pressure is on Orlando, and the guy under the biggest microscope is Vince Carter. The Magic got him for games like this, facing a tough defense in front of a hostile crowd and needing somebody to get buckets that won’t be easy to come by. Whether it’s a wire-to-wire barrage of buckets, just a big fourth quarter, or just one clutch shot, Vince has to step up. And it might help if Rashard Lewis shows up, too … At least for one day, Chris Bosh took the 2010 free agency spotlight away from LeBron. According to some reports, Bosh gave the Raptors his list of teams he’d be interested in playing for, consisting of Toronto, Chicago, Miami, New York and the Lakers. But Bosh’s agent denied there was any list, and said his client would be open to anything … That was nice of Bosh to include Toronto, but we doubt he’ll ever wear that uniform again. We also wouldn’t count out one of the Texas teams getting in the mix, but if we had to guess, we’d say CB4 ends up with the Heat or Knicks … But if your team is in the market for a power forward and you can’t get Bosh, how about Elton Brand? Reportedly the Sixers are willing to deal their No. 2 draft spot (a.k.a. Evan Turner), but only to a team willing to take Brand along with the pick. You know, it wasn’t that long ago when Brand was considered a 20-and-10 lock, but he fell off faster than a ‘roided-up baseball player … Maybe Doug Collins can figure out what to do with Brand. Collins has been announced as the Sixers’ new head coach, meaning that we could be subjected to more Reggie Miller on TNT. For a guy who’s been getting front-row seats to the Lakers, Suns, Spurs and Celtics every week for the last few years, it’s gonna be a rude awakening dealing with Philly’s roster … And when you really look at it, Collins is like the poor man’s Phil Jackson. In every one of his eight years as an NBA coach, he’s either had Michael Jordan or Grant Hill (in his prime) on his team. Even then, his record is barely over .500 in the regular season and 15-23 in the playoffs. Unless Evan Turner is going to be really good really fast, this might get ugly … Sorry, scouts: Yao Ming‘s first child only has a basketball future in the WNBA. Yao and his wife had their baby this week, a girl weighing 7 pounds and 9 ounces and (we’re guessing) measuring out pretty long. Just to be safe, do they make infant-sized walking boots? … In other NBA offspring news, MJ’s oldest son, Jeff Jordan, is transferring from Illinois. No word yet on where the 6-1 guard is headed — maybe he’ll join younger brother Marcus at Central Florida — but wherever he lands, he’ll continue to get more attention than any walk-on end of the bench guy ever … Actually, scratch that: We forgot about Lil’ Romeo. He’s also been in the news, as he’s leaving the team at USC. In two years with the Trojans, Romeo played a total of 19 minutes and never seemed to be healthy. Maybe when Tim Floyd writes his book (It’s Only Cheating If You Get Caught by Tim Floyd) he’ll finally admit he only recruited Romeo to help him get DeMar DeRozan. Or else Floyd was thinking they’d shoot The 6th Man 2 on the ‘SC campus starring Romeo and he’d get a bit role … We’re out like No Limit …


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