LeBron vs. Cleveland Live Blog

By: 12.02.10  •  16 Comments

– Do I have to keep watching this if LeBron is done for the night? He has 38 points, 5 boards, 8 assists, and is 15-of-25 from the field. Wade (who’s still playing) has 22 points, 8 boards and 7 dimes, and Bosh has 13 points. Big Z is scoreless in 18 minutes.

– Should Spoelstra put Big Z in and let him get a bucket?

– Comment from Dime reader bookkwormmaster: “Heard one of the TNT crew say that Boobie Gibson is the ONLY player on the Cavs that still keeps in contact with LeBron. I guess all that chemistry and pregame yucking it up when he played with his former team was all a farce.”

– Leon Powe is in the game. I miss him being part of a relevant team. James Jones sticks another three and it’s 102-75. And you know how I know it’s garbage time? Erick Dampier is checking in.

– On the floor for Miami right now: Arroyo, House, Jones, Howard, Dampier. As a starting five, how many games would they win in an 82-game season? I’m saying four.

– Sign in the crowd: “We should have drafted Darko.”

– Seeing as James Jones is a lock for the All-Star Weekend three-point shootout, who else makes the field? I want to see Shannon Brown do the dunk contest and three-point contest. Throw in Anthony Morrow, Mike Bibby, Matt Bonner and Jason Richardson.

– Oh yeah, the game. It’s 118-88 after a Mario Chalmers three with under 30 seconds to go. Jawad Williams adds the pointless reverse layup to make it 118-90. Game over. LeBron gave Jawad a quick hug and was led to the tunnel. Nothing was thrown at him.

– Post-game, LeBron says, “I know this court. I’ve hit a lot of shots on this court.” Asked if he wants to apologize for anything about his departure, he says no. Good for him.

– I think the Heat are going to take off after this game and go on a big run. We were talking about this during the second half: It was like they were (or at least LeBron was) looking ahead to this game, and it was a distraction. Now that it’s out of the way, they can relax and play up to their potential. It’s still going to be tough against certain teams because they don’t have Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem, but they’re going to still push 60-something wins. Granted, the Cavs stink, but the Heat looked really good tonight. On Saturday they play the Joe Johnson-less Hawks, then hit the road for Milwaukee, Utah, Golden State and Sacramento. I can see them running the table.

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