NBA Christmas Day Gives You Kobe vs. LeBron In Your Stocking

By: 12.25.10

3) We can understand now why Phil Jackson has been so vocal about why he doesn’t think anybody should play on Christmas Day. In addition to the record 18 Christmas Day games he will have coached after the Lakers host the Heat, Jackson also played in 10 games on Christmas during an 11-year span from 1967 through 1977. The only guy we know that’s seen that much action on Dec. 25th is Santa himself. 4) With ‘Melo sitting this one out, look for J.R. Smith to put up shots early and often. But the real reason we’ll be tuning in to this game is to see who will dunk on Shelden Williams first: Russell Westbrook or James Harden? 5) The Blazers and Warriors met for the first time this season last Saturday at the Rose Garden, with Portland holding on for a one-point victory. Tonight, it’s time for revenge. In their last four games, Monta Ellis is averaging 35.0 ppg while LaMarcus Aldridge is averaging 29.3 ppg. We’d take the over … It appears to be a good week for former Cavs coaches. While Paul Silas has found himself a new head coaching job in Charlotte, Mike Brown has been hired by ESPN as an analyst and will begin his TV gig today for the Bulls/Knicks game. Good thing this one will also be in 3D … Somebody needs to call Ron Artest‘s psychiatrist and send them to Washington. According to Michael Lee of The Washington Post, Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee were involved in a physical altercation outside a club early Friday morning, where witnesses stated that the players were screaming expletives at each other and exchanged several punches. A Wizards spokesman released a statement late Friday that read, “The team looked into the matter earlier today and determined it was simply a disagreement between teammates.” From the looks of what went on at Mississippi State, these types of “disagreements” appear to be contagious … Lastly, a sheriff in Florida decided to have his inmates dig up their basketball goals in order to donate them to local churches. As he put it, “Going to jail is not fun and games. If you want to play basketball, stay out of jail” … We’re out like ballin’ with Jake Shuttlesworth

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