DeShawn: LeBron is Overrated

03.14.08 10 years ago 66 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONLeBron (photo. Mannion)

We mentioned in Smack today about how LeBron and DeShawn Stevenson were yapping at each other before the game even really started last night in Washington and carried all the way through to the end.

The Wizards Insider Blog on the Washington Post‘s web site got a lot more from DeShawn after the game about the trash talk and Stevenson’s thoughts on ‘Bron:

Stevenson wasn’t backing down.

Afterward, he talked about how the Cavs tried to punk the Wizards and how he’s tired of it.
“I was just trying to get up under his skin and make him think about me playing, competing and talking trash. I played with Raja Bell in Utah and I take a lot of things from him. He’s a great defender. Sometimes you gotta do that with those guys. Those guys play guys that are scared of them all day so sometimes, you gotta get under their skin and talk some trash and tonight, I tried to do that.”

And then the “overrated” quote:

DeShawn was obviously holding back in that session with reporters around his locker. When he was leaving the building, Mike Lee was chatting him up and mentioned LeBron again. DeShawn has obviously heard enough of that.

“He’s overrated,” DeShawn told Mike. “And you can say I said that.”

Wow. Bet the King won’t like that one. Here’s hoping that the Wiz manage to jump ahead of Toronto and grab that fifth spot so these teams meet again.

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