Dime #51: The Rise of Kevin Durant

09.08.09 8 years ago 12 Comments

Kevin Durant, Dime #51

Summer is a good time to realize you’re getting old. The knees hurt a little more after outdoor pickup games; the beach abs take more than eight minutes to get in presentable shape; and the honeys your age start looking less and less like the ones who draw all the attention on the street.

Putting together Dime #51 during the hottest part of the summer, we found this issue to be alarmingly young. Our cover guy, Kevin Durant, turns all of 21 years old this month. Eric Gordon, who also has a prominent feature in the issue, doesn’t turn 21 until December. And the anchor of Dime #51 is our giant fashion photo spread with the ’09 NBA rookie class, whom we shot at the Dime/Levi’s Draft Suite during the biggest week of these players’ lives. From Blake Griffin to James Harden to Tyreke Evans to Jonny Flynn to Terrence Williams, it’s a collection of guys either barely old enough or not yet old enough to drink legally.

Putting Durant on his second Dime cover was an idea that had been floating around our editorial meetings for the last year or so. When we finally decided to pull the trigger, the timing couldn’t have been better. We shot KD in late-July in Las Vegas, at the same time he was blowing everyone’s socks off (how’s that for an old-man reference?) at the Team USA mini-camp. Going in, everyone knew Durant could get buckets, but after showing his complete game against some of the League’s top young stars, he took the hype surrounding him to a new level. Associate Editor Austin Burton penned the KD cover story, finding a man who is infinitely more comfortable with his stardom than he was when he graced the cover of Dime #32 in college, one who is committed to lifting the Oklahoma City Thunder to the top of the League now that he’s found some stability in what has been a crazy three-year stint in the spotlight.

Also in this issue, Danny Granger breaks down his signature moves in the “Ballers Blueprint,” Scottie Pippen sits down for a Q&A, we’ve got mini-features on a handful of the rookies featured in the Draft Suite spread (Flynn, Harden, Jrue Holiday and more), and we’ve got some of the hottest kicks on the market in our “Styles Upon Styles” photo spread. Whether you’re shoe-shopping for back to school this month or just back to basketball, we’ve got you covered.

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