Gilbert Arenas Thinks David Stern Is Mean

01.06.10 8 years ago 17 Comments

Gilbert Arenas, Dime #29

No way around it, Gilbert Arenas has been absolutely crucified in the press the past few weeks. After last night’s game against the Sixers, Agent Zero was obviously the center of attention with the large group of reporters present. If anybody saw those post game interviews, knows how big the gun incident has gotten. One particular journalist was very aggressive with Arenas and was basically interrogating the Wizards guard with a barrage of tough questions.

True to his personality, Arenas tried to keep things light. He was also cautious of downplaying the seriousness of the situation and tried to choose his words carefully (for Gilbert standards anyway). At times he looked annoyed with the aggressive reporter but for the most part, kept a cool head. The best part of the line of questioning was when the journalist asked Arenas if he expected commissioner David Stern to be tough on him in regards to handing out a suspension. Gilbert responded, “I mean, Stern is mean.”

Arenas denied any wrongdoing and suggested it was just a joke that went bad.

“If I really did something wrong, it would bother me,” Arenas said. “I would feel remorse for what I did, but I didn’t do anything.”

“We know what’s out there is so far from the truth”

When pressed about whether he is a victim, Arenas hinted he was.

“I don’t know,” said Arenas. “It doesn’t bother me what you’re writing. I mean, you can slander my name or whatever, it doesn’t matter. I’m still alive; I’m playing basketball. That’s all that matters.”

He was also questioned about being interviewed by detectives on Monday. Arenas said he was nervous and thought the interrogation was going to be intense like in the movies, but rather it was in a conference room and there was a lot of laughing and joking going on. He added that, “There’s no charges against me now. I turned myself in. I was willing to talk to the DA myself.”

Arenas appeared confident that he will be cleared by police and is hoping that the media will man up and give him an apology in the future.

“At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, all I want is a ‘sorry,'” Arenas said. “Apologize, maybe just small-print, just one person do it. That’s all I want.”

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