Knicks hire Isiah, re-sign Jerome James, purchase Bad Idea Jeans

08.07.10 7 years ago 31 Comments

Amar'e Stoudemire (photo. King Lawrence)

If he keeps his two current jobs for a few years — and if we’ve learned anything about Isiah Thomas, it’s that he knows how to get (and stay) on his boss’ good side — then Zeke will eventually be the only college basketball coach in the country who can recruit the same superstars at least two different times. The New York Knicks have brought Isiah back into the fold, officially introducing him yesterday as a part-time consultant, where part of his duties include recruiting free agents. Apparently Isiah, who’s still working full-time as head coach at Florida International University, impressed James Dolan and crew by helping get Amar’e Stoudemire to NY (pretty sure the $100 million had a lot to do with that), although his pitch to LeBron wasn’t enough to bring the King to MSG … According to the Knicks there’s nothing here that violates NCAA or NBA rules, but the League is looking into it right now and surely the NCAA has its hound dogs on the case. If everything is OK, this only helps FIU, as Zeke becomes known to recruits as a guy who can give them an inside track to the NBA … Case in point: Yesterday FIU just missed on stud high school center Rakeem Christmas, who committed to Syracuse. Isiah didn’t get that one, but how many big-time recruits have you seen whose final list consisted of ‘Cuse, Georgetown and Florida International? … Not long after Tom Thibodeau did a radio interview where he said T-Mac was kinda-sorta still on the Bulls’ radar, the team agreed to a deal with Keith Bogans. Thibodeau said Chicago needs shooting, and other than sporting a Bruce Bowen-ish baldie and trying to fill Bowen’s role in San Antonio, Bogans isn’t really a shooter. Either way, looks like the T-Mac thing isn’t happening … So what happens now? The number of potential teams and roster spots is shrinking for McGrady; he very well may begin the season unemployed and have to hope somebody needs his help mid-season thanks to their own injuries. In other words, keep an eye on Portland … Sherron Collins got a job, signing a two-year deal with the Bobcats. Collins could become next year’s Wes Matthews, the undrafted rookie turned impact player. He’ll go into camp competing with D.J. Augustin and Shaun Livingston for minutes, and neither of them is a sure thing … During a TV segment on Shaq right after he signed with the Celtics, one studio guy said something like, “He has a habit of picking nicknames specific to his city.” Not really, though; “Shaqtus” was about the only one. Still, Shaq isn’t one to turn down a new gimmick, so he’s asking his Twitter fam to help him pick a new handle tied to the Celtics. “The Big Shamrock” is a popular pick, but we like “The Green Monster,” “The Jolly Green Giant” and “Red Auershaq” more … And while we’re at the nickname thing, somebody needs to find good ones for Chris Bosh and Chris Paul … We’re out like Dolan’s memory …

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