My Candidates for the 2010 NBA Dunk Contest

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Ever since the end of the 2009 NBA Dunk Contest many NBA fans have been chomping at the bit over the idea of LeBron James entering the dunk contest. What seemed like a lock last February, is now 50-50 at least that is what King James told USA Today.

“I’m like 50-50 right now, I don’t know if you can get it back to the 80s and like in ’98 when Vince (Carter) was in it. It was more about the dunks and less about what was going on around the dunks. We’ll see what happens.”

I have never been an advocate for LeBron in the dunk contest. I feared that Lebron being in the contest would mean James would win no matter what dunks his competition pulled off, because he is the NBA’s poster boy. Though I’m not on ‘Bron campaign trail, I do think the dunk contest could use some new blood. Nate Robinson and Dwight Howard put on a show last year but both admitted it was getting tougher to think of new ideas after each doing 3 contests. Which high flyers could put on the best show? Without any further ado I present my candidates for the 2010 NBA Dunk Contest.

Shannon Brown
Shannon Brown has already announced his candidacy for the 2010 dunk contest. Mr. Fantastic has presented his resume and has Mikki Moore ready to testify why he deserves a nomination. Brown has unleashed his dunking fury upon the NBA and this year the league has taken notice. He plays for the 2009 World Champions, is in a major market and his team has already started an aggressive marketing plan. Shannon Brown can book his flight to Dallas now.

James “Flight” White
Ok, James White technically isn’t in the NBA right now, however some team needs to sign the 2009 NBDL dunk champion to a contract just so he can participate in the 2010 NBA dunk contest. James White may be the best dunker associated with the NBA. Flight White’s exploitations in the 2009 D League contest were so amazing the contest garnered the attention of a national audience. If Flight can enter this year’s contest he would have to be the favorite to win.

Rudy Fernandez
During last years dunk contest Rudy Fernandez was robbed. He had one of the top 3 dunks of the night but it took him the entire allotment of time to complete it. Conspiracy theorist will argue that Rudy wasn’t given his deserved 50 because they wanted a Superman-KryptoNate final but, I think his choice of a distributer was his downfall. 2010 should be Rudy’s year to shine. As long as he chooses Sergio Rodriguez or Jose Calderon (you know a point guard) instead of Pau Gasol (you know not a point guard) to be his distributor, {insert awesome nickname for Rudy Fernandez here} will add some international excitement to the contest.

Rodrigue Beaubois
The Dallas natives need someone to cheer for in the dunk contest and looking at the Mavericks roster there is only one person who could hold his own, Rodrigue Beaubois. The Mavericks organization have been raving about Beaubois since they drafted him. He’s 6’0 with a 6’10 wingspan and a 40 inch vertical, in other words he has the measurements to be a dunk contest stud. Beaubois can be the hometown hero for the Mavericks fans to pull for and can give Jason Kidd an outlet to show his passing ability during all star weekend. American Mikhail Prokhorov said he will be lobbying to get Roddy B {seriously even Rodrigue has a nickname, Rudy needs one and Air Spain is unacceptable} in the dunk contest and with the game in Dallas Mark Cuban will probably get what he wants.

The Others
Above are my top 4 choices but you always have to be prepared for injuries or the league foolishly not calling up James White. Will “Thrill” Bynum has brought street ball to Pistons and has been making posters at the Palace of Auburn Hills all year. Dahntay Jones has quietly been giving people the business in Indiana (I’m looking at you Monta Ellis). DeMar DeRozan is doing his best to claim the Air Canada Moniker and Gerald Henderson can still fly even though he hasn’t really had the chance in Charlotte. (Remember when Gerald Henderson owned the Terrapins last year?).

These are my candidates for the 2010 NBA Dunk Contest. Who would you nominate?

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