Stephen Jackson’s Alligator Shoe

10.24.08 9 years ago 13 Comments
Jack 1Jack 1

With the shoe game spanning beyond Nike, adidas, Reebok and Converse these days, you’re bound to come across some crazy kicks. This week, Stephen Jackson took the game to a whole new level.

Sporting his signature shoe by Protégé, the “Jack 1,” Jackson may have become the first NBA player to ever take the court in sneakers made from genuine alligator skin.

Protégé shoe and apparel company is the brainchild of teammate Al Harrington. After seeing guys like Stephon Marbury start their own lines, Harrington took notice and made it happen.

Much like Marbury, creating a line of affordable basketball shoes was Harrington’s goal, as his own signature shoe, the “A3H,” will cost approximately $40 and Jackson’s will retail for no more than $65.


Unfortunately though, at $65 a pair, Jackson’s shoe comes with just the alligator design, not the authentic alligator skin.

Would you play ball in alligator-skin kicks?

Source: Examiner

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