Who will be the best player of the next decade?

12.22.09 8 years ago 52 Comments

LeBron James

Some things are just predictable, and you can’t even fault anybody for being predictable about it. For example, at the end of a calendar year, magazines and TV shows and websites all roll out their “Best of the Year” lists, rankings and recaps. And at the end of a decade, you inevitably see the same thing on a bigger scale.

So while everybody is getting in their “Best [NBA-related thing] of the Decade” lists for the period covering 2000-2009, let’s switch it up a bit:

Who will be the best player of the NEXT decade?

Put on your Future-Vision goggles and look at 2010 through 2019. By the end of that stretch, LeBron will be 35 years old, Kobe will be 41, D-Wade will be 37, and Dwight Howard will be 34. Barring some miracle of medical science, two of the MVP candidates for this current decade — Tim Duncan (43) and Shaq (47) — won’t factor into the discussion (although Anthony Johnson will probably still be on somebody’s roster.)

But what about kids like John Wall, Blake Griffin or Brandon Jennings? What about Chris Paul, Brandon Roy or Carmelo Anthony?

Tell us who you think will hold the crown 10 years from now and why, and we’ll print some of the best answers in an upcoming issue of the magazine.
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