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Five minutes, one huge tracking shot, a cast of God knows how many. Impressive. And from the looks of it, these kids went to that mythical college you see on TV and in movies where everyone is friends and everybody’s super excited and happy all the time, and you’re never more than a twist-off or a Slim Jim away from the whole town turning into one giant slip-and-slide gangbang party.  I was hoping to go to that college, but instead I ended up at the one where you get drunk in your dorm room and play that Tony Hawk game on Playstation.  But I guess it was all worth it now that I’m a wealthy Korean businessman.

Anyway, I don’t know whether to be super impressed that this many people were involved in this, and they shot the whole thing in one shot, or super pissed that they got this many people to help out, and shot it all in one shot… and it was all for an effing Black Eyed Peas song. From what I’ve gathered in my intense three minutes of research, these kids are students at “UQAM”.  Which stands for… *Googles* Université du Québec à Montréal.  Aw, son of a bitch, really?!  Damned showboatin’ French Canadians. They probably get their VD treatments paid for by the government too. That’s it, I’m suing my parents.

[via TBT – thanks to Nik for the tip]

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