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Christopher Lloyd co-headlined one of the most successful film franchises of all time, so it only follows that 10 years later he’d be starring in a two-part, made-for-Sci-Fi Channel movie called “Knights of Bloodsteel.”  It premiered this April, but it looks like it’s out on DVD now.  Makes a perfect gift for any niece, nephew, or non-native English speaker.

The four-hour, two-part movie tells the tale of Mirabilis, a mythical land chock full of humans, elves and goblins in which the only thing of value, apparently, is a magical metal called bloodsteel. What little remains is controlled by the awful and horrible Dragon Eye.  You can watch it on Sci Fi, but only if you literally have nothing else to do. “Knights of Bloodsteel” is so bad it’s not even good-bad, it’s just bad-bad. [LA Times]

Oh well, as my wise old drunken molesty uncle used to say, you hit some, you whiff some.  And I have faith Christopher Lloyd is headed for a career resurrection.  After all, he does have a starring turn in Santa Buddies: The Search for Santa Paws this winter.  (awesome trailers below)

Knights of Bloodsteel

Santa Buddies

“Sproing”? “SPROING”?!? What kind of bogus excuse for a record scratch is that?! I DEMAND RECORD-SCRATCH SOUND EFFECTS! A CHEAP IMITATION SIMPLY WON’T DO!

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