02.19.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

(Watch out, you know he’s angry when his face gets blurry)

According to TMZ, the LA City Attorney plans to file charges against Sean Penn for misdemeanor battery and vandalism today. The maximum sentence he could face is 18 months in jail.  The charges stem from an incident last October in Brentwood (video below) when Penn came up to some photographers and was all like, “Hey, you guys like kickball?”  *clang, clang*.  We used to play that game all the time back in the dorms, hence why I’m sterile.

Penn previously served 33 days for assaulting a photographer back in 1987, and most recently announced his unretirement from acting last month.  By most accounts, Penn is kind of a prick.  But Penn aside,, why is this illegal?  If you take a picture of someone without their permission, you run the risk of getting punched or kicked. That’s just basic logic.  In fact, I propose simple battery on a paparazzo be made legal, provided you do it yourself and don’t pay some bodyguard to do it.  It’s only fair.  You can’t just stand around all day pestering someone, then run and tattle when you get smacked.  If you choose to act like an annoying little sister, you’re gonna have to play the why-you-hitting-yourself game from time to time.  Those are just the rules.  I thought this was America.

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