One Of The Stars Of The Tupac Biopic Says It’s Not Coming Out For A Long, Long Time

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11.22.16 5 Comments

The Tupac biopic has been on a long, strange odyssey on its way to theaters. It was marred by legal and creative troubles before finally settling on Benny Boom as a director. It wrapped up filming this year and even added some big names to the cast and finally, after seemingly years they even released a trailer. Two, in fact. But then word came down that more legal troubles would delay the film, rumored for a November, and later a September release. The lawsuit rumor was denied but lo and behold, All Eyez On Me may finally have a release date and it’s going to be a while.

Dominic Santana, the actor who will be betraying the role of Suge Knight in the film, announced on Instagram that All Eyez On Me will finally hit theaters on June 16, 2017. The significance of the date is that it would have been Pac’s 46th birthday, and while that’s not as poetic and as round a number as the 20th anniversary of Pac’s death would have been this past September, it is a Friday and obviously has some meaning.

“We’re all anxious for it to come out,” Santana said on his post. “But people gotta remember it’s a major film and there’s a lot of process to releasing major films.” It does make the film a summer release, par the course for a major film, but also means it will be competing with the Kingsman sequel as well as Cars 3, which coincidentally released it’s first teaser trailer Monday.

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