Gratuitous: Stewart, Pattinson get close in new ‘New Moon’ still

09.08.09 8 years ago

To help bide time between now and the new “Twilight Saga: New Moon” footage to be revealed at the MTV VMAs, the good folks at Summit have bequeathed unto us another film still from the movie, out Nov. 20.

There is much hemming and hawing to be had over this Bella/Edward photo, which seems to be shot in Bella’s bedroom. But what scene? Are Edward’s eyes gold or black? Is this pre- or post-Italy?

Well, Kristen Stewart looks pretty, Robert Pattinson looks foxy, so what more could you want…

Meanwhile, MTV is reporting that the place and date for the “New Moon” premiere has been established: the stars will hit the red carpet at Village and Bruin theaters in L.A. on Nov. 16, same spot as last year.

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