Evan Dando Of The Lemonheads Seems Like A Fun Guy To Party With

02.07.12 6 years ago 9 Comments

I honestly can’t remember the last time Lemonheads frontman and 9/11 conspiracy theorist Evan Dando, or his band — which rose to prominence in the early 90s with the release of their punkish cover of “Mrs. Robinson” — crossed my mind, but I’m guessing it was around the time I last ate a box of Lemonheads, which I estimate to have been at least 3 years ago.

But now that he’s tweeted out a photo of himself and a pretty young thing (could this song be about her?) — who, by the way, is eying those rails like a Survivor contestant eyes a glazed donut — doing cocaine in a hotel room in Phoenix, I’m reminded of his existence, and I’ll say this for Dando after seeing this pic: the dude’s a true New Yorker for cutting his lines with a Metrocard. For that, he’s alright in my book, not to mention that we also obviously have a like for Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, Pepsi, pretty ladies and booze in common.

FYI, The Lemonheads are currently touring, so perhaps there’s a chance that you too can blow lines with Evan Dando in a hotel room in the near future. Keep hope alive!

(HT: Cord Jefferson)

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