Q-Tip Breaks Down Hip-Hop History For Iggy Azalea

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12.20.14 115 Comments
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Twitter’s never been the most ideal way for expressing ideas in depth since the social network’s limited to 140 characters. But that didn’t stop Q-Tip for directing a stream of updates at Iggy Azalea earlier today with a full discourse on Hip-Hop culture and music an “artistic and socio-political movement.”

Of course, the conversation began indirectly with the past few days’ master of ceremonies Azealia Banks and her recent Twitter spats with first Iggy, then Action Bronson. I think Ryan mentioned it earlier but no matter anyone’s surface level thoughts regarding Banks, she’s ultimately doing a lot to spark conversations that may begin with negative undertones, however, they can bring about enlightening moments like what Tip creates here.

Fact of the matter is Iggy’s not the only one who may need to be brought up to speed on what Hip-Hop – not rap, there’s a difference – was founded on. Because cash ruled and ruined, there was a cultural aspect that included the music as a component and not the other way around where the culture became an afterthought. It’s the communal spirit that’s been lost across generations, black and white, and we have to maintain in order for the actually matter and have an impact. While he was mentioning her, chances are your favorite rapper should read it, too, so at them a link to this article. Old heads could stand to check it out as a refresher as well.

Anyway, I digress. Grab a Snickers before settling in to read all of Q-Tip’s comments.

Update, 12.23.14: Iggy responded to Q-Tip’s remarks via Twitter on Monday. Of course, those replies have been commended and criticized from the different corners of the net. Read them here.














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