Nipsey Hussle Provides The Only Voice Of Reason In This Game/Meek Mill Mess

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With The Game and Meek Mill still feuding over snitching and bitching, are we at the brink of another East Coast vs West Coast war reminiscent of the ’90s? Nipsey Hussle thinks so. That’s why he’s urging Meek Mill and The Game to come together and kill their beef before they kill each other.

The Crenshaw rapper had a stream of consciousness on Twitter Sunday and implored hip-hop to stop hyping up Meek and Game’s beef while also addressing the two rappers with a call to hash things out like the adults they’re suppose to be. “N*ggas gone sit down like men and express their differences and come to an understanding,” the 31-year-old rhymer tweeted before saying the Internet back and forth was all about “divide and conquer.”

Referring to the Tupac and Biggie beef the media helped instigate back in the ’90s, which ultimately lead to death of the rap stars, Nipsey also tweeted he wasn’t here to see Meek and Game killing each other over publicity stunts and media pressure. “Ain’t gone be no black men killing black men behind publicity or rap music or social pressure from the people,” a passionate Nipsey added. The rapper urged the beefing men to handle their business behind closed doors and get back to what’s truly important — their bank accounts, tweeting, “If someone’s in the wrong then it should be handled and then everyone get back to the money.”

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