Buzz Bissinger Responds To A Book Critic

05.14.10 7 years ago

I have a lot of respect for Buzz Bissinger. The guy wrote Friday Night Lights and, despite his inflammatory remarks toward Will Leitch in 2008, I applaud the guy for at least making the effort to speak his mind. That same style of eloquence was on display yet again in Twitterland, where he responded to Bret LaGree, who trolls around as “@Hoopinion,” regarding a comment made about Buzz’s latest book involving LeBron James.

I enjoy Buzz telling anyone to go F himself almost as much as the fact that he seems to have time to tell anyone to do so. When I think of Bissinger’s day, I just see an angry man pacing the streets, staring at his iPhone while swearing under his breath like Chris Farley’s character in Billy Madison. Yeah, that’s not much of a pull out of the noggin. I blame the syphilis.

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