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Until yesterday, Danyelle Sargent was best known for the brilliant F-bomb that she dropped with gusto while she as an anchor on ESPNews. Now a sideline reporter for FOX Sports, Sargent had this unfortunate exchange with 49ers coach Mike Singletary on Sunday, in which she asked him about calling his “mentor” Bill Walsh last week, even though Walsh wasn’t his mentor and is — how shall I put this? — dead.

The clip was never supposed to make it to air — it’s already been pulled from YouTube at least twice — so special thanks to Mike Francesca and NBC for making the FOX team look like assholes.

Fox producers were understandably mortified and didn’t air that portion of the interview… But the clip was part of the “open feed” that live telecasts use and that news organizations can access for clips and highlights. Mike Francesa, host of New York station WNBC’s “Mike’d Up,” showed the gaffe late Sunday night…

“We’ve filed a complaint with the league of them using this. It’s unauthorized footage,” [Fox VP of Communications Dan] Bell said. “It’s footage that was recorded but that never made our air.” Bell added that “if we saw that on a CBS game, we’re not going to take that and have one of our stations run with it.”

“Yeah!  How dare our competition use our mistakes to make us look like assholes!”  Get ready for some serious repercussions.  Expect the NFL’s Executive Director of Not Fair to come down with a ruling of either “Ninner ninner ninner” or “Liar liar pants on fire.”

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