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Before he jets off to play in New York for more fame, more fortune and better blowjobs, LeBron James wants to have a positive impact on his hometown of Akron, Ohio. And what more can a millionaire athlete do than regift bicycles to police officers that were already used in a charity event and manufactured by a company he has an ownership stake in? Answer: teach junkyard dogs to juggle traffic cones. It'd really brighten everyone's day.

He's making a donation to the force of 10 bicycles used last month in his annual “King For Kids'' bike-a-thon fund-raiser.

The Cannondale brand bikes have James' name emblazoned on them. They'll be outfitted with disc brakes, shocks, lights and sirens so they can be used by police for patrolling.

Akron Police Sgt. Mike Lugenbeal says putting officers on bikes gets them in closer contact with the public.

This year's “King For Kids” bike-a-thon on June 21 raised money for the Akron area YMCA, the Akron Urban League and the LeBron James family foundation.

Yes, nothing gets cops closer to the public than bikes. Walking around is so distancing, I find. That's why I take my helicopter across the street to the 7-11 to buy smokes. Really gets a rise out of the bums in the parking lot. That and the turret gun I fire at them.

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