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What better way to recover from your Monday football hangover than with a nice Suck-Off?  I've always been told that's one of my specialties, so let's go through the worst of Week 13 in the NFL.

Obviously, the Lions deserve a mention.  They've now lost 4 in a row since starting 6-2 and have ceded a shot at the NFC North title by sinking into the mire of .500 teams hoping for a Wild Card berth.  However, I can't fault them too much, as the return of Purple Jesus is a good excuse to bow down and not make tackles, particularly if you're on the receiving end of Ye Holy Knee-Crumpling Juke like Kenoy Kennedy.

First runner-up in the Suck-Off goes to Sean Payton for calling a reverse at midfield with fewer than 4 minutes to play and a three-point lead.  Reggie Bush — public enemy #1 on my fantasy team — fucked up the exchange to Devery Henderson, and the Bucs scored a game-winning touchdown… led by a McCown brother.  That's a special level of sucking.

But the winner of the Suck-Off, by unanimous decision, is Joe Gibbs.  By calling a second consecutive timeout to "ice" Bills kicker Rian Lindell, Gibbs incurred a 15-yard penalty, moving up Lindell's final attempt from 51 yards to 36.  Bills win 17-16.  The call spoiled a 'Skins defensive effort that didn't yield a touchdown, and the nature of the loss rubbed industrial rock salt into the emotional wound of Sean Taylor's death.  Gibbs is giving the words "Hall of Fame bust" a whole new meaning.

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