St. Andrew's Net is With Leather's daily link dump. The Net is broadcast in one language to however many dozen homes there are in search of dead hooker jokes and ample leering.

  • D.C. Sports Bog delivers photos of Gilbert Arenas' new million dollar pool. Call it a hunch, but I'm sure, there's gonna be an Xbox hooked up to that bar flatscreen.
  • SportsbyBrooks reports that there will be porn at the Olympics. That is, regular porn in addition to the more potent and widespread death porn likely to be present in Beijing. 
  • Big League Stew showcases the new Twins ad campaign based on something Ozzie Guillen said. Somehow it doesn't involve gay slurs. 
  • Walkoff Walk shares the story of a walkoff strikeout. Novelty or no, we're just happy when the baseball game is over. 
  • Joe Sports Fan finds a Dodger backer with a shirt fashioned out of rally towels. I'm working on a similar project with Amber Heard's hair.

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