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Watch 90-Year-Old Bob Barker Reenact His Punch-Out Scene From ‘Happy Gilmore’

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Ninety-year old Bob Barker punched out a 'Bold and Beautiful' actor as a part of his animal awareness storyline on the soap.

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A Dapper-Looking Bob Barker Returned To ‘The Price Is Right’ Today To Celebrate His 90th Birthday

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Bob Barker is still the man. What an absolute delight to see him on The Price Is Right again.


Aaron Paul Was On ‘The Price Is Right’ In 1998

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"Jesse Pinkman, COME ON DOWN." Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul appeared on "The Price Is Right" in 1998.

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In his long stint as the host of "Price is Right," Bob Barker slept with God-only-knows how many showroom models before he got hit with a string of sexual harassment lawsuits starting in the mid-nineties.

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The Game Show Network is actually going to host and air the first-ever Game Show Awards to honor "classic and modern game shows.

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