A Resurfaced ‘The Price Is Right’ Clip Is Going Viral For An Astounded Bob Barker’s Reaction To A Contestant

Not to go all Denzel Washington GIF on you, but if you see Bob Barker trending on Twitter today, don’t worry. He’s fine. The former-The Price is Right host is in “very good health for his age,” his long-time partner Nancy Burnet said last month. “He’s going to be 99, and he takes one prescription medication and that’s for his thyroid.”

The reason Barker is trending is because of a resurfaced clip from a 2006 episode. In the video, a contestant named Joy struggles with a round of “Ten Chances,” in which a player has 10 chances to correctly estimate the prices of three prizes. She gets the first prize (toaster) quick enough, and eventually guesses the right price for the second prize (luggage). But then came the third prize: a [extremely game show voice] brand-new car.

The wiki page for “Ten Chances” includes a passage about Joy’s journey. It’s over 400 words long. Here’s an excerpt: “On her first chance, she used the ‘1’ twice, and was told not to do that. Then she tries again and writes down a weird price of $19,130, leaving the second ‘1’ scribbled out. Bob couldn’t understand the price after he told her not to write the ‘1’ twice. Joy then scribbles the whole price, to avoid confusion.”

Something has gone wrong if The Price is Right wiki describes your guess as being “weird.” Anyway, I won’t spoil the whole clip, but Barker’s reaction at the end is priceless.