Aaron Paul Was On ‘The Price Is Right’ In 1998

There are three things Aaron Paul could do to make me like him more:

1) Cure cancer
2) Adopt every corgi puppy in the world, dress said puppies up as bunnies
3) Appear on The Price Is Right in the late 1990s

One out of three ain’t bad.

The Breaking Bad star was on The Tonight Show yesterday, and Jay Leno, in a rare moment of me not hating him, revealed that his production team had dug up 14-year-old footage of Paul, wearing a Texas t-shirt and glasses, freaking out, Pinkman-style, after he was told to “COME ON DOWN…BITCH.” Best of all, as Paul mentioned to Leno, a commercial of his ran during a Price Is Right ad break. (Possibly for Corn Pops?)

Rumor has it that Bryan Cranston appeared in an episode, too, but was so terrifying that Bob Barker sh*t himself and the tape was burned.