Corgi Friday: The End Of The Road

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I have some sad news and I think it's probably best if I get to it right away: After two years and over 100 posts, we are ending Corgi Friday as a regular feature here at Warming Glow.


Corgi Friday: Here Are Some Dogs Wearing Costumes! Happy Halloween!

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To celebrate Halloween, we've compiled some of the best pictures of dogs wearing costumes. ENJOY.

shoutout to jeff goldblum

Corgi Friday: Beware Of Dogasaurus

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Corgis are mating with dinosaurs. My man Jeff Goldblum predicted this. Kind of.


Corgi Friday: Corgis + ‘Community’ = Internet Gold

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Here is a reader-submitted picture that contains a pretty girl, a corgi wearing a cone, and a fan-made, 'Community'-inspired craft project. It may as well be titled "THE INTERNET."


Corgi Friday: Kenny Fisher Edition

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A collection of corgis from around the web, including one that reminded me of Seth Green in the movie 'Can't Hardly Wait.'


Corgi Friday: Here Is A Dog On A Slide, Say Goodbye To Your Productivity

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I hope you don't have anything else to do today, because these GIFs of a corgi on a slide will end all that.


Corgi Friday: A Few Words About Fall

By | 6 Comments

Fall is here. It's official. So here are a couple great GIFs of corgis in leaves to get you in the mood.


Corgi Friday: RIP Monty

By | 9 Comments

One of Queen Elizabeth's corgis passed away this week, and we give him the best possible tribute we can: a song.


Corgi Friday: Orgies Of Corgis

By | 3 Comments

A collection of photos of five or more corgis hanging out, doing corgi things.


Corgi Friday: Famous People Love Corgis, Too

By | 4 Comments

A collection of famous people with their corgi friends.


Corgi Friday: Royal Dog Fight

By | 8 Comments

The Queen's corgis got in a royal dog fight with one of the princess's terriers, and the terrier had to be rushed to the vet.


Corgi Friday: Man's Best Friend Is Man's Best Man

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A selection of the web's best corgi images, including one that I have chosen to believe is a dog serving as Best Man at a wedding.


Corgi Friday: At The Waterpark

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Corgis playing in waterparks are just one of many reasons why summer is my favorite season.


Corgi Friday: A Q&A With The People Behind CorgiCam

By | 9 Comments

A brief Q&A with a representative from Pet Collective, the organization behind the 24/7 live puppy feed and Internet sensation known as CorgiCam


Corgi Friday: GO USA! BOO NBC!

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Even though NBC is terrible and won't air the Opening Ceremony live, let's celebrate the Olympics with this video of an American flag clad corgi jogging down the street.


Corgi Friday: Screw It, Let’s All Go To Maui

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Seriously. I'm not even joking. Let's all go to Hawaii. Like, NOW.


Corgi Friday: This Dog Is Probably The Devil

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A collection of corgi pictures from around the Internet, including one that is kind of terrifying.


Corgi Friday: Look How Happy This Dog Is

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I don't really have much to say about this week's edition of Corgi Friday, so I'll just leave it at this: Look how happy this dog is.


Corgi Friday: This Commercial Is Weird

By | 8 Comments

I'll be honest, I have no idea what is going on in this commercial.

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