Corgi Friday: The End Of The Road

I have some sad news and I think it’s probably best if I get to it right away: After two years and over 100 posts, we are ending Corgi Friday as a regular feature here at Warming Glow.

Why are we doing this? Well, a few reasons. First of all, as you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been ramping up our focus on things like live discussions, recaps of popular shows, and features that we think provide our readers with a more enjoyable TV/Internet experience. Today alone we’ve covered the comedies on NBC, The League, and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia in posts that allow you to sound off and be heard regarding shows that the majority of our audience watches (or should be watching). Which brings me the second reason: Fridays have gotten kind of nuts around here. In order to cover all the shows that air on Thursdays AND make sure we stay on top of important/fun stories throughout the day, something had to go, and, sadly, corgis were the odd man out. (The odd dogs out? Is that a thing? That should be a thing.)


This does not mean we will be abandoning dog-based coverage all together. Far from it. We still reserve the right to drop everything any time there is dog-related television news, or when something like this happens. And I imagine there will still be periodic galleries of dogs in costumes or dogs at the beach or dogs doing holiday things or whatever, because sometimes covering television news day-in, day-out gets a little tedious, and that gives us (me, mainly) a nice little breather slash outlet for our (my) debilitating ADD.

Anyway, I know some of the older Warming Glow readers might not be ecstatic about this development, and I totally get that. If you want to grab a deep-voiced friend and drive to the beach and belt out your frustration straight into the ocean while he delivers a heartbreaking monologue about loss, I don’t think anyone would blame you, mostly because that is an awesome thing to do that everyone should try at least once, but also because change is weird and kind of sucky. In the long run, however, I think this is the right move for everyone.

And so, one last time with feeling, let’s all look back through the archives and remember the good old days.