Corgi Friday: Corgis + ‘Community’ = Internet Gold

People are always running up to me on the street and saying “Hey DG, I love Corgi Friday. How can my dog and I be a part of it?” This puts me in a really tough spot, because (a) I’m just trying to enjoy my day, you know? I’d rather not be accosted on the street by some crazed fan who may or may not be planning to assassinate me. And (b) It is a totally made-up scenario that has never happened, and if I started replying to non-existent fans on the sidewalk people would think I’m crazy. A real dilemma.

But, if it ever did happen, the email we received yesterday from reader Sarah would be a pretty good example of how to get involved:

Hi Warming Glow! (and the Uproxx team)

Long time reader of your site,because we are obsessed with the same TV (Community, Breaking Bad, Mad Men). I wanted to share the AMAZING Community cross-stitch project that my friend Rebecca just finished. She has been working on it since June. Rebecca is also the proud owner of a 7 month old corgi named Oliver–She would be THRILLED if her and Oliver were in your corgi post for tomorrow!!!

To recap: This picture contains a pretty girl, a corgi wearing a cone, and a fan-made, Community-inspired craft project. It may as well be titled “THE INTERNET.”

More pictures of the Community cross-stitch after the jump. Thanks to Sarah and Rebecca for being great.