Corgi Friday: A Few Words About Fall

September is a weird month. On one hand, the beginning of September marks the end of summer, at least according to many of the ways we keep track of these things. The calendar and a bunch of wiener meteorologists may disagree with that statement, but the truth is that once you cross Labor Day the fall-related dominoes start to, well, fall: kids are back in school, football season is in full swing, and we stop celebrating a bunch of patriotic holidays that involve knocking off work to drink beer and grill all the meat you can fit into the trunk of your car. Add it all up, and September doesn’t feel like summer.

But September doesn’t feel much like fall, either. At least not for most of it. It’s still crazy hot for the first few weeks, and baseball season is still kicking, and the leaves on the trees are still green. Most of the month exists in this weird limbo between the two seasons, not one but not quite the other. But, for me at least, this was the week where we crossed over. I mean, it was cold this morning. Like, cold cold. Fall cold. Combine that with the fact that I stumbled across these GIFs of a corgi hanging out in some leaves, and I think I feel comfortable officially calling this one — based on my standards, not some dipsh-t haircut standing in front of a green screen.

It’s Fall, you guys.

Pleated Jeans via Corgis-Everywhere

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