Amy Schumer Stopped Drinking For Her Appearance On ‘The Late Show,’ But Instantly Regretted It

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Amy Schumer describes how me she loves to drink to David Letterman. It's addiction with a comedic spin!

Gerard Depardieu

Gerard Depardieu Says He Drinks 14 Bottles Of Wine A Day

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Gerard Depardieu drinks wine like he's Andre the Giant.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

The London Fire Brigade Has A Message For World Cup Fans – Don’t Drink And Cook


London's firefighters would like soccer fans to avoid burning their houses down by getting takeout and not cooking while they're drunk.


A St. Patrick's Day Drunk Took A Woman's Lost Phone On A Tour Of New Orleans

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This woman lost her phone in New Orleans and found it hours later, after a mysterious drunk took it on a tour of the city.


A Drunk Woman Visited Her Husband In Jail After A Pub Crawl…Completely Naked

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"She was drunk, completely naked, and refused to get dressed or leave in a cab."


This Is What It Looks Like When A Guy Gets Drunk Before Setting Up A Soccer Field


A groundskeeper got a little tipsy before a recent soccer match in Romania, and the field's lines certainly showed it.


A Guy Was Busted For Drunk Driving In Mexico City Thanks To… His Parrot?

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A 49-year old man was stopped by police in Mexico City at a routine DUI checkpoint and he was ratted out for drunk driving by his own pet bird.


A Drunk Driver Told The Cops That The Michigan Wolverines Made Him Do It


A Michigan Wolverines fan was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and he told the cops that it was all Al Borges' and the offense's fault.


The Iowa Girl Who Blew A .341 BAC And Tweeted About It Won The Internet This Weekend

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Samantha Lynne is a hero to drunks everywhere for blowing a .341 BAC.


A Man Paid To Protect $102,000 Worth Of Vintage Whiskey Drank It All Instead

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A B&B caretaker in Pennsylvania is being charged with drinking $102,000 worth of vintage whiskey after seven months of DNA testing proved he did it.


Are You The Drunk, Naked Girl Who Smeared Poop All Over This Craigslist Poster’s Car?

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All Craigslist ads should include the sentence, "...but you were also taking a dump and piss on my lawn at the same time." Impressive.


Gerard Depardieu Guilty Of Drunk Driving, Or Driving As He Calls It

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Back in November, guy who was once considered a sex symbol, Gerard Depardieu, was arrested in France after he fell off of his scooter and registered a blood alcohol level of.


Florida Or Ohio: ‘Naked Man Found Hiding In Neighbor’s Dryer’

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A man was arrested for disorderly conduct after he went streaking and was found hiding naked in his neighbor's dryer, so did it happen in Florida or Ohio?


Real-Life X-Man’s powers only work when he has a finger up his butt

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The other day on the Frotcast, we were discussing how when dudes are trying to look tough before fight, instead of lunging at a guy to get him to flinch, one guy should just drop trou and start taking a dump.


We Can Finally Watch The Drunk Airplane Passenger Get Restrained With Duct Tape

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Watch Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson, a middle-aged drunk man, get restrained with duct tape aboard an airline flight from Iceland to New York City


VIDEO: Drunk kid from Twilight pees all over airport

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"Hey, come on, man, that carpet really tied the airport together.


Drunk Bohemian Rhapsody singer guy wore a Viking Helmet to court

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Alberta's Robert Wilkinson entered the FilmDrunk Drunk Hall of Fame earlier this year when, perhaps as an homage to Wayne's World, he sang Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" in its entirety (including guitar and drum fills) from his seat in the back of a cop car after a DUI.

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