This Is What It Looks Like When A Guy Gets Drunk Before Setting Up A Soccer Field

If you’ve ever wanted a reason to tell someone, “Go home, you’re drunk” and actually mean it, this might have been the best opportunity any of us would ever have. According to the Romanian website Sport, a league soccer match in Timiș County hit a snag when everyone showed up and realized that the groundskeeper had a little difficulty in laying out the lines of the pitch. In fact, they’d soon discover that the gentleman in question had decided to take a detour that dropped him right inside the local pub for a few buckets of the good stuff.

As for when these delightful mistakes occurred, the images were posted on Facebook by Livian Hotico last week, but the Sport article says that it was posted on March 27, 2014, so I now understand global time zones less than I did before. Go home everyone, we’re all drunk.

(H/T to Fox Soccer)